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  • AuBP4SWsCPY (
    2013-07-18 20:22:06
    Ever since the Twiligth saga I´ve goten more into books that I ever was. One day I was at the borders wistebe loking for a book, any book, the cover of the Wings book caugth my eye, it was a random choice but I asked for it not realy expecting mutch. I got it for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I read it twice in less than that I totaly fell In love whit this book, I couldn´t put it down and when it was over I could not belive it, It wasn´t enough, I started to read it again. I´m obssesed I tell you. What can I do. I was looking for another book about 2 days ago but after Wings I couldn´t find anything good enough, so I started looking for information on Wing and I found some news, 1 amaizing and 1 horrible. The first one there were gonna be 3 new books as good as this one I was filled with joy then my mouth fell open, I let out a gasp filled with horror. I couldn´t belive it first they ruin Twiligth with that horible movie and now they are going to ruin another wonderful book by making Miley Cyrus Laurel. It was horible, it stil is, I have no other word for it. I´m so frustrated, I can´t belive they are doing this Miley is so wrong for this part she is nothing like Laurel. As for Sami I´m wlth you, whats wrong with you Pike. Why???
  • 2013-07-17 02:28:16
    Almost 90% of all the outdoor tents tend to be three seosan tents; the three seosans are spring, summer, and fall. If winter cold is considered and not snow then the tent is a 3.5 seosan camping tent. The sad thing is there isn´t government standards to fall back on. 3 seosan tents are required to manage warm, humid nights without difficulty and this implies plenty of no-see-em mesh on the walls within the camping tents. Tents tend to be comprised of 3-layers, 1) The camping tent on its own, 2) A pole framework which hold up the tent and 3) Rain fly to keep rain from entering the camping tent by way of all the fine mesh. 3 seosan tents can be found in 1-person up to 8-person size with four-person being the most popular. When purchasing a camping tent always subtract One from the number of individuals to reach a real world number of individuals sleeping comfortably inside the camping tent, such as buy a 4-person camping tent to sleep 3. There´s a web site that is a wealth of info on 3-seosan camping tents
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    2013-07-15 15:10:56
    hi miley will you be driving beltee or campervan in the blue skirt and tights mud stuck or snow in high heels thanks babe like you did with the vw beltee tx back thanks rayxx

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